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Having your say about moving

Child refugees move a lot. Moving is never pleasant. You have to leave your friends behind and you have to go to a new school. Lawyer

Help if you don’t want to move

If you really don’t want to move you can always try to stop the move. This isn’t easy. The best option is to discuss this with your lawyer. The lawyer can then send an official letter that he/she can send to:
  • The COA if you have to move to another asylum seekers centre.
  • The Aliens police if you have to move to a family location or deportation centre.
In the letter you and your lawyer explain why you don’t want to move. For instance because you soon have exams at school. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit. Reasons for this can include:
  • It’s very important to continue to live near the psychologist. You have built up a bond with the psychologist. If you move, you won’t be doing well.
  • You’re going to a special school. This special school cannot be found near your new home.
Getting into action yourself

Writing a letter

You can also write your own letter. Your lawyer can send this letter to:
  • The COA in case of moving to another asylum seekers centre.
  • The Aliens police in case of moving to a family location.
  • The judge if you want to file a lawsuit.
Your letter can include, for instance:
  • You’ve nearly got exams. You ask if you can in any case stay in this school until after your exams.
  • You are going to miss your friends too much.
  • You’ve just built up a strong bond with the local psychologist or doctor.
In the neighbourhood

Moving to an asylum seekers centre nearby

If an asylum seekers centre is closing close for good, then you can’t stay there. You can ask whether you can move to an asylum seekers centre nearby. Also ask you parents whether they can help. Your parents then help to check whether everything concerning your move is arranged properly. This help can also be asked from a member of staff of the Dutch Council for Refugees or the COA. What you should ensure is:
  • That you have all your reports and other important documents of your school. You can then give these items to your new school immediately.
  • That all your medical information is known by your new doctor. You can have your medical file sent to your new doctor or you can take it with you yourself.
  • That your new home is suitable. For instance, if you have allergies, then your new home must be adapted to this. Go to a psychologist. You should immediately be able to go to a psychologist near your new home. You don’t have to be put on a waiting list.

Voor en over kinderen in asielzoekerscentra

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Als je met ons belt of chat, praat je met een speciaal getrainde Kindertelefoon-medewerker. Zij luisteren naar je. Op deze website kun je ook een bericht posten of zelf reageren op andere kinderen en jongeren.

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