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Right to safety

Every child has the right to grow up safely. Without danger. What does this mean? If you are unsafe, the government has to protect you. Your home must be safe, but also the neighbourhood and country you live in. This is laid down by law. The most important law for children is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The most important convention for children

A convention is an arrangement, a contract between several countries. The most important convention for children is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is about safety. The convention lists many rules about safety. These are the main ones:
  • You have the right to be alive and to develop properly. This is only possible if it is safe. You need to be able to grow up in a safe place (article 6 and article 27).
  • No one is allowed to abuse you. Abuse means, for instance, that you are beaten at home or at  school. Or that someone is always calling you names or is saying nasty things to you. This is all prohibited (article 19). Children must also be protected against sexual abuse (article 34).
  • You have the right to extra protection if you live in an asylum seekers centre. Sometimes you have had bad experiences in the country you fled. You may feel unsure at times in the Netherlands because you don’t know whether you will get a residence permit. This is why you have the right to extra protection from the government (article 22).
  • Sometimes you have the right to extra protection. If you fled a war zone or you were abused, so you can grow up in a safe neighbourhood and can get help. For instance from a psychologist. (article 39).
European rules

Regulation on safety

There is an important European regulation. What is a regulation? These are arrangements. It lists the rights of asylum seekers. Article 13 of these arrangements is about safety:
  • The place where asylum seekers live must be decent and healthy. What does this mean? That you must be safe in the home you live. But also in the family you are growing up in.

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