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Successful king's day!

How special! Throughout the country, people have committed themselves to refugee children during King's Day by sharing their free market proceeds. Sellers, bakers, singers and the rest: thank you very much for your support! Vlogger Hala (16) took a look at Soest:

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Perhaps you don’t agree with what is happening in the asylum seekers centre. Or you are angry.
Examples of this include:

The shower...

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Over de Kindertelefoon en Tell-Me

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Unsafe in the asylum seekers centre

You may sometimes feel unsafe in an asylum seekers centre. For instance if you are bullied. Or if things aren’t going well at home. Perhaps a...

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Many children really enjoy playing on the computer. They play games or talk to friends via Facebook and Twitter. This requires internet.

There are...

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Jouw stem

In an asylum seekers centre

In an asylum seekers centre it may seem as if you have little influence on things. You have to wait until the judge decides about your asylum...

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In the asylum seekers centre

If you live in an asylum seekers centre, you can become ill. You may then go to the doctor or the hospital.
You then go to the GC A (asylum seekers...

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Voor en over kinderen in asielzoekerscentra

De Kindertelefoon is er voor alle kinderen en jongeren van 8-18 jaar die in vertrouwen willen praten. Je kunt met ons bellen en chatten of een bericht plaatsen op de website.

Als je met ons belt of chat, praat je met een speciaal getrainde Kindertelefoon-medewerker. Zij luisteren naar je. Op deze website kun je ook een bericht posten of zelf reageren op andere kinderen en jongeren.

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