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This is a website for and about regufee children. It offers answers to questions about school, living on an azc, or the dutch culture. On the website you can find information about money, the asylum procedure, about children's rights and much more. The site also has a place where you can talk with children of…

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Who works at the asylum seekers centre?

Many people work at the asylum seekers centre. These people work for the COA:

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The boss of the asylum seekers...

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Over de Kindertelefoon en Tell-Me

Een rondleiding door het AZC Echt


Right to safety

Every child has the right to grow up safely. Without danger. What does this mean? If you are unsafe, the government has to protect you. Your home...

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Vrije tijd

Job on the side

From the age of 13 you are allowed a job alongside school. This is called a job on the side. You can, for instance, deliver newspapers. Child...

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Jouw stem

Having your say about moving

Child refugees move a lot. Moving is never pleasant. You have to leave your friends behind and you have to go to a new school.


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Health care

Which care do you have a right to?
You can see this per subject.

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All children in the Netherlands have the right to...

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Naomi is verliefd

Voor en over kinderen in asielzoekerscentra

De Kindertelefoon is er voor alle kinderen en jongeren van 8-18 jaar die in vertrouwen willen praten. Je kunt met ons bellen en chatten of een bericht plaatsen op de website.

Als je met ons belt of chat, praat je met een speciaal getrainde Kindertelefoon-medewerker. Zij luisteren naar je. Op deze website kun je ook een bericht posten of zelf reageren op andere kinderen en jongeren.

Chat of bel 0800-0432 (gratis & anoniem)
Elke dag van 11.00-20.00 uur, zaterdag en zondag van 14.00-20.00 uur