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Our rules

You can talk about everything with De Kindertelefoon. Whether it’s something small or something big, a question or a problem, or just want to share something. Many children chat with De Kindertelefoon: our volunteers carry about 400 calls a day. We like it when you chat with us. In the conversation it is important that you:

  • have your attention during the conversation
  • be respectful to our volunteer

What we do not like is when you contact us with a made-up story. Because:

  • you keep the line occupied for other children
  • it is not fun for the volunteer who does his best to help
  • telling a fabricated story about bullying or abuse is disrespectful for children who really experience this. Unfortunately this occurs in the Netherlands. It is important that these children can contact De Kindertelefoon.
    If you chat several times with a joke or made up story, we block your IP address.

In short: you can talk about everything with De Kindertelefoon and we like it when you contact us. We do ask you to treat us respectfully, as we do with you.

Your contact details are not visible to us. Conversations with De Kindertelefoon are 100% confidential. That means that we do not tell anyone what you tell us, except if you want us to. We do not know who you are and you do not have to tell us either. We can not see your internet address. We can, however, see if and how often your Internet address has been in contact with De Kindertelefoon. Do you want to know more about privacy? Check our privacy statements.

Clear complaints and blockage
Are you blocked and would you like to have this blockade lifted? Then fill in this form. Are you not satisfied with your contact with De Kindertelefoon? Let us know via Note: you are no longer anonymous!

Voor en over kinderen in asielzoekerscentra

De Kindertelefoon is er voor alle kinderen en jongeren van 8-18 jaar die in vertrouwen willen praten. Je kunt met ons bellen en chatten of een bericht plaatsen op de website.

Als je met ons belt of chat, praat je met een speciaal getrainde Kindertelefoon-medewerker. Zij luisteren naar je. Op deze website kun je ook een bericht posten of zelf reageren op andere kinderen en jongeren.

Chat of bel 0800-0432 (gratis & anoniem)
Dagelijks van 11.00-21.00 uur