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A letter to our future | Blog of Unicef

Young refugees and Dutch children that blog together about school, religion, dreams for their future, love or any other topic, that is Write 2 Unite. The Syrian Mohamad (17), the Dutch Baran (16) with roots in Turkey and the Dutch Izy (17) write a letter to their future selves. The blog appeared on the website of Unicef. (Dutch)

Dear future us,

How do we expect our life to be in the future? What studies will we follow and what job will we have? Do we have children of our own? What do we hope to change in the world? We, Izy, Baran and Mo, have pondered this together. If we read this we will be twenty years older, so 37 and 38. We hope our future selves to be happy.

Twenty years is a long time and it is difficult for us to imagine what we will be doing then. In any case all three of us will have finished university, even if it might take one of us longer than the other. For me, Baran, it is s already clear what i will study. In twenty years I will have studied medicine. I do not know what I will do with my study after I have finished. I think it will be good to help people, but I have not done enough research to know what kind of doctor I want to become. Of course we are all different. For me, Izy, it is not yet clear what I want to study. Fortunately, I have plenty of time in the next two years to figure that out. I will visit many universities and look into many studies. I am sure however is that I will have completed a study that I really enjoy. I will enjoy working. I, Mo, have just started my new education as of 2017. Originally i just got lessons in language, but now I am really going to school. I will be a doctor when I read this letter, just like Baran, but in twenty years i will still be working on further study to become a surgeon. I become a doctor because I want to follow the dream of my father. My father also wanted to become a doctor, but it was too difficult. If you are a doctor in Syria, you mean a lot to your country and the world. You help poor people and do not need anything back.

We still live with our parents right now. In twenty years we will definitely no longer be living with our parents, though we love them very much, of course. We will become older after all, and that means you do not fit on your mother or father’s lap. I do not know if I have my own family by then, says Baran. Though we, Izy and Mo, do definitely want children. For me, Mo, it’s important to marry. I want my parents and children to see. I live in Eindhoven or Maastricht. While I, Izy, will definitely not live inBrabant in twenty years. I was not born in Brabant and while I do feel at home here: I do not want to give my children a Brabants accent. I do not really feel like I should marry. I see marriage as nothing but a waste of money. I will have pets too, most likely two dogs.

We have different dreams for the world of tomorrow. I, Izy, really want people to realize that love is important for everybody. Love brings people closer together, which is important in a world where you are in a lot of contact with different cultures. Our planet also deserves more love. Beyond that I want everyone to have rights. Not just on paper, but also in practice. Baran thinks that people should hurry less. If you hurry over your choices in life you will only make it worse for yourself. I definitely do not want to make any hurried choices only to later wonder what would have happened if I did not make those choices. What is important to me, Mo, is that there will be peace for everyone later. Because I am from a country suffering from war I do not want anyone to have to face that. I can walk outside at night safely now, while I could not do that in Syria.

Until 20 years!

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